The training program at YSCE has been created by Yuvraj along with his team of seasoned coaches to ensure maximum development of each participant and is specially geared towards the development of the individual player- towards his technical – tactical, physical and mental skills.

To be able to hold their own in their teams, YSCE’s student need above all possess one quality game intelligence. Players need to understand the game in order to understand their role and their responsibility in the game, irrespective of formation or scenario – and to be able to apply their skills effectively. Our biggest task is to make sure our players understand the logic and structure of cricket, in any given situation. A good player is a rather active player being aggressive and wanting to play a dominant role in the game.

Our Curated Program involves a good amount of hands-on contact time per week for participants above the age of 8 years, and a basic amount of hands-on contact time for those below the age of 8 years.Each participant can except the following

Our Programs

Our Camps

Customized sessions to age and ability levels.

Hands-on coaching at indoor and outdoor nets

Video analysis to correct, improve different parts of their game.

Continous appraise system that will monitor the progress of the participant and ensure he is heading on the right track

Mental conditioning Sessions

Regular tips on health

Top performers have the opportunity of traveling to other cricketing centres

And Participant in competitive tournaments

International Exchange Program

International Awareness Program

Ground Training Sessions and Conversion

One to One training session with International coaches

Regular Match Practice and Drills with time

Our Matches

Professional (Summer and Winner) Cricket coaching camps

Camps will be led by the reputed names and industry leaders in domestic and as well as international cricket

Duration of camp will last for around 15-20 days

Also includes fitness programs, technical programs cricket awareness programs in order to alleviate the awareness level with respect to cricket