Message from YUVRAJ SINGH

Welcome to my world or rather to my dream. I believe that I am blessed to be able to live my dream from growing up learning cricket to being received tough training by my father. I feel honoured and privileged to become an integral part of the Indian cricket team and winning the 2011 ICC World Cup in the most astonishing & successful period in history. And all these happened to me because my cricket career was first given direction along with focus and then a chance.

Ten years down my cricket career and I now have one more dream and YSCE is that dream.

The background of our players doesn’t lay a criteria at YSCE because passion is something that we are looking at in YSCE along with a zeal to fly high. The Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence is determined to create a world where young cricketers are given a stage to learn and grow with the guidance of experts, modern methods, best training practices and world-class facilities. It thirsts to become a secure and dependable ladder in a young cricketer’s formative years and also an environment of challenge and accomplishment.

Yuvraj Singh